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If you have a query regarding your flight booking – either an amendment or travel assistance, we’re here to help. Please fill in self-help form below and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Important information's :
  1. We act as an agent between airlines, suppliers and provide services on their behalf. But if timely feedback is received from the customers, the same can be taken with the suppliers/hotels concerned strongly.
  2. We treat every case in isolation and ensure it is resolved on priority basis
  3. Once the request is submitted, our support team will contact you within 24hrs.
General Questions:-
1. Can you tell me more about
Crystal Travel is an award winning travel agency, with direct contracts in place with all major airlines. Founded in 1987 we are an ARC accredited agency with revenue of $325m in 2019 – our primary objective is to save our customers time and money and provide value.
2. How to make a booking with Crystal Travel?
3. What are the timings for the Customer Support Department?
4. What age is considered as an adult?
1. How do I get to know if my booking is confirmed?
2. Can I book an unaccompanied minor on your website?
3. How can I make a change in an existing reservation?
4. Can I make a name change to my flights?
5. How do I select my seats?
6. How can I make a special request for wheelchair or meal?
7. How can I add a new traveler to my existing reservation?
8. How to book an infant ticket?
9. What do you mean by “NO Hold Luggage”?
10. What are the baggage restrictions for the flights I book?
Billing & payment :-
1. What payment method can be used for booking?
2. What are the credit card transaction and currency conversion fees charged?
3. How can I get a receipt for my travel reservation?
4. Is it possible to make a payment from more than one card for a flight reservation?
5. Why is there an international/foreign transaction fee charged on my credit card statement?
6. My credit card has been charged twice for the same transaction, what do I need to do to get that corrected?
Refund & Cancellation:-
1. How can I request to cancel my flight booking?
2. How long will it take to process my refund?
3. There has been a schedule change on my itinerary. Will I get new tickets for my new flights?
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